Thursday, August 19, 2010

Living With Hope In A Community Of Friends

Had this happen last Sunday, the 15th of August, when a bike ride at a nature park got much too long. We missed a turn and we got lost. With diabetes, nerve damage, and severe asthma, I got very tired and shaky. Fortunately another couple who was biking stopped to help us and led us back to the parking area. I don't know what we would have done if they hadn't. I'm trying to exercise a little more and return some old and loved routines to my life. I've always loved biking. Will I stop this type of activity. No, never. Although my stamina is very low, I need to keep trying. Exercise has faded away with chronic illnesses. Activity had such an invigorating effect on me before.

I post many thoughts and mind exercises to help my friends on where I and many others make every effort to live more fully even with severe chronic illnesses. It is the first blog I got brave enough to post regularly on. At my blog's name is FrankLivingFully (upper of lower case doesn't matter). To be able to read it, people will need to sign up for . There is an easy link once there for people to find my blog. Don't stop there though. Search for the name of a disease or chronic illness you are interested in and it is easy to find patients with similar issues and concerns. is a support site for people who are ill in a hospital, clinic, or recovering at home. It is supported as a service by several hundred hospitals and clinics, mostly in the United States. During almost three years now while writing there I've found friends from all around the United States as well as many from Canada and even Australia. Several are lifelong friends now. The purpose is to enable people to share and learn from each other and to stay in touch with those they love. There is no cost for signing into it or registering for it. Carepages is much like .