Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sitting Side By Side: American Health Care "Despairities"

It strikes me as almost inconceivable that here I am with very good health insurance because I work for a large university who competes for good and talented employees. On the other side of me here at my doctor's office sits a family with no health insurance and scraping the money together to pay for their child's visit. The middle aged man sits counting out all the money in his wallet. They have no health insurance and must scrape along without a good doctor. Antibiotics for their child may cost $5 to $10 per tablet. I, on the other hand, pay nothing for my doctor visit and only $8.00 for a 10 day supply of an expensive antibiotic. I don't understand now; nor will I ever understand why this man's family has to suffer and also spend their supper money on a doctor visit. It is one of many amazing and non-sensical facts about living in America. We spend as much on our military as all the other countries in the world combined. We pay twice as much for our medical system as countries like England, Canada, Germany, and France yet we leave 50 million fellow citizens without coverage for basic health needs. This is living in a country with high rhetorical regard for human life, but little financial support for human life.

The Philadelphia Unemployment Project demonstrating to save AdultBasic, the State of Pennsylvania insurance program to cover the unemployed. The Blues have refused to extend the contract. Why did the insurance industry try so hard to destroy …

Frank Elliott - I read this article today in the blog Crooks and Liars. Then I looked at my position of relative affluence and compared it to a family in my doctor's office just a mile away from our home. How has it come to be that there is such a poor social support system for families who work hard, but are not university graduates? Other countries who compete with America do not allow such basic human needs as health care to be decided by chance. America does. It makes no sense to me.