Friday, January 30, 2009

News and Subject Information At Your Disposal

Hi, Mary, my wife, shared a wonderful online resource with me. Popular science magazine lists it as one of the Top Fifty Science Sites on the Web. It's called Science Daily and it also has a more general section called: Newsdaily. It
covers almost any subject area in depth and breadth. I'll share a few links here from it. You can follow the developments related to many major illnesses. These are all links to various parts of the same huge web site.

For All Kinds of General News go to:
There are tabs at the top to specific subjects

For All Kinds of Science and Medicine News go to Science Daily at: There are tabs at the top to
 go to all kinds of other subjects including the one

For Medicine and Health News go to:
On the left hand side of the page you'll find a list of illnesses. (I had to play around with the illness list a little to get it to display fully sometimes.) If you click on most any of these you'll get many stories about that illness and some further subdivision of it. This will be a useful info tool for some of us.

For Multiple Sclerosis. I picked from the list of illnesses I mentioned above. It's The link right under Mental Health.

When you get to that page for M.S., it's further divided into Articles, Videos,
Images, Books, and even a breaking news section for very recent articles. The most recent news about M.S. is that stem cell transplants are showing some amazing results. The same Dr. Richard Burt that did the stem cell transplant for Victoria Chavez, our friend on Carepages is reporting the promising results in the very important, widely read Medical Journal entitled: Lancet for January 29th.

If you establish a Google or other newsreader account, you can set up an RSS feed for yourself for Science Daily. This means that new articles or any of these categories of items you want would be placed within your iGoogle page or
the News Reader part of your Google subscription. For example you could subscribe to the Asthma part or M.S. part of Science Daily and then feed it to your Google account. To make this happen you would have to register for a free subscription to Science Daily. The advantage here is that most of what you wanted to follow could be fed to one place for you to read. (Your iGoogle Homepage)
rather than your having to jump to multiple sites. This is exciting to me as I get into it more and more. Can you tell? Ha..

I've set up several news feeds for myself. One is for new articles from the New York Times. Another is from the Christian Science Monitor. I also follow about 25 blogs on the web and subscribe to them through a Blog I created on
Google. It's called FrankLivingFully. It's at:
My friend Cheryl Quist from carepages has a blog too. She's a talented artist who posts her painting almost every day. I love what she writes about the process of painting. Her blog is: Its name is: CHERYL'S CONSISTANT, CREATIVE & COURAGEOUS BLOG. I follow Cheryl's blog through my blog because my Google Homepage was getting too crowded. There's kind of a strange humor in this. Something like my computer has too many computers to keep track of. Ha… Hope I made some sense here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Your Example Is A Model For Me My Friend

You've put me in the mind again to learn to accept things as they are at this moment. As you've said, it causes us so much stress to rail against what is rather than to live in the best possible way even with it all. I notice that when I'm calm and accepting of each moment of time, I'm able to observe much better what's going on. I can even listen to my body and relate its condtion to how various treatments are working better or not. Today it seems like I am backing out and away from many doors and closing them behind myself. The many daily ebbs and flows in this struggle make is so hard to see whether we are improving or declining. It's so uncertain and as I watch myself calmly, my minds eye reveals the inner core of our being. Sometimes, there's a lot of fear. For me especially, I don't know how this will end, and I'm afraid. Sometimes, I see that never ending caring and deep concern which you have shown. There's also your humor in the wonderful graphics of children playing and happy animals which you use. Generally these illnesses, as I see them through your writing, make me think that each of us is drawn together through a deep and caring love which has no bounds in time or space. God's eternal face is revealing itself in the constant care and love we show each other.

You know, I struggle with the weakness and pain from my illness. Depression finds us to be easy prey sometimes, doesn't it? Still, just at the right time for me, I watched a wonderful program this weekend about a neurologist living with ALS. I realize that although he has lost all motion, a wonderful new brain wave detection system has enabled him to keep communicating. He is able to read and write journal articles and continue his research with slight eye muscle movements and measures of his brain waves. He lives with a respirator like Stephen Hawking the famous physicist, but he retains that core of hope, love, caring, and the ability to communicate, publish, and do research. When I think of you, I'm amazed at your mental strength and stamina. I think Yes, you are retaining that essential core of being described as Love.

Stay strong and keep reaching out, writing, sending your wonderful message out, and being an excellent example and teacher for so many of us. I think of you and pray for you many times per day. God Bless You, your Husband, and Family. Keep up with those docs and make sure they help you all they can. We have to be hard taskmasters don't we? Ha.... In this time of disillusion many doctors need your example. Many are easily discouraged and need to meet more folks like you with your humor, caring nature, and ability to reach out. You continue to be the best mentor I've ever met. Your Friend Frank from the cold Northland.