Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wonk Room » Third District Court Judge Finds ACA Constitutional

Wonk Room » Third District Court Judge Finds ACA Constitutional: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

I am so happy that a judge is looking at this with legally sound reasoning based on precedent and common sense. I continue to struggle with the idea that the choice people are asked to make is something unusual. I am most concerned with this as a moral decision though. I do think it is much more moral to find a way so that the almost all Americans have health insurance. That is why I support the law. I see many people I know struggling with illness because they do not have, nor can they buy health insurance which allows them to be treated affordably. The result is that they avoid the expense of getting well or cannot afford it. As a practical requirement for example, I must buy automobile insurance or pay the burden of being willing to become bankrupt if I get involved in or cause a serious accident. I could no more get along without auto insurance than I can without health insurance. People ought to be able to buy health insurance without pre-existing conditions exclusions which would stop an estimated 100 million Americans from having health insurance if they were not part of employer sponsored group health insurance.